The Team

MPTF [masterplanning the future] is the new architecture magazine in China. Here’s the team…


Website Editor:

Xinzhe Li

Editor-in-chief: Austin Williams
Editor-in-chief: Theodoros Dounas

Editorial Group:

Zhao Zhe

Anni Dai

Chenxing Sun

Weiping Wang

Shen Yue

Yin Tao

Yanzhe Zhang

Ruochen Gong

Zhifan Bian

Stanislav Ten

Shiyu Qian

Sheng Li



Zhao Zhe, coordinator and editor, comes from Ningbo which is a beautiful city near sea. She likes playing the piano, dancing and singing. Standing on the stage was once the moment she enjoyed most. However, architecture is the field that she wants to enter in the future, and she will always pursue this dream.






Anni Dai, Article Reviewer, editor, comes from Nanjing.

She loves travelling alone, and Architecture, and all the exciting or challenging things in the world.






Chenxing Sun, editor, from Shaanxi province, China. He is interested in avant-garde architecture, and he believes the word from Coop Himmelblau “Architecture must burn.”





Wang Weiping, editor, comes from Henan which is in the central of China. He holds the opinion that architect should care more about the society and make attempts to use building method to solve existing issues.





Shen Yue, editor, comes from Suzhou which is a peaceful city in Jiangsu Province. Except the exploration in the field of Architecture, she will also have a try in other aspects to enrich life. Travelling is a significant part of her life and learning different languages is her dream as well. Actually, the journey has started.





Yin Tao, editor, comes from Xuzhou, a corner in Jiangsu Province. Writing lyrics, drawing comic, rock climbing and things new all attract her. Enjoy researching Buddish and Chinese traditional culture. Every holiday she will go to travel and dreams to travel around the world. Living in her own design house and have a small quiet coffee or tea shops is a dream of her. “Just be free”. She said.






Yanzhe Zhang, editor, comes from Yichang, which is famous for the Three Gorges Dam. Singing, painting and playing the guitar are the most enjoyable things for her. The relationships between architecture and social problems as well as city features appeal to her a lot.




sdfsg Ruochen Gong, editor, comes from Hami, Xinjiang, which has the sweetest fruit and the largest desert in China. Her favorite courses are history and geography, and she believes the classical architecture can always be a source of creative inspiration, though, she is skilled in classical Chinese literature.



Zhifan Bian, in charge of reviewing ‘interview’, editor, comes from Jinan, Shandong. She likes playing table tennis and badminton. She’s good at Chinese calligraphy and are willing to do some challenging tasks which provide diverse experience to her.





Stanislav Ten, editor. He is from Moscow. He likes traveling, photography and a cup of good coffee. However, architecture is his passion which drives he to explore more interesting places all over the world, so that in the future he will be able to create them.





Xinzhe Li, Web editor & editor, comes from Shenyang, Liaoning. Cool electronics are his favorite. Interests: swimming and drawing. As an architecture student, he likes exploring the story of excellent buildings.






Shiyu Qian, secretory & editor, from Xi’an, Shaanxi province. She joined MPTF in year 1 and she enjoys working for it. She loves reading, drawing, traveling and exploring diversity of the world. Most importantly, she loves architecture, and what attracts her most are the possibilities of making changes to the people and the world.





Sheng Li  from Year 2 is in charge of Sina Weibo account of MPTF, being responsible for announcing latest articles, and she is also an editor. Feeling confused about life and architecture, she is fond of finding her own definitions and motivations of life and architecture through visiting exhibition.




Austin Williams is from London and is associate professor in architecture. He is an author, journalist, illustrator and film-maker. He is the director of the Future Cities Project ( and is China correspondent for The Architectural Review.




Theodoros Dounas

Theodore Dounas comes from Thessaloniki, Greece and is the Head of Department at XJTLU. A Chartered architect, designer, researcher and founding partner of the award-winning, multidisciplinary architecture office archIV+ (, he is a founding member of the Blender Educational board of the Blender Foundation and of the TOSMI project in Europe, involving designers, filmmakers, directors and architects in the use of open source software.